Przemek Pyszczek

Przemek Pyszczek

Przemek Pyszczek is an artist based in Berlin.


What artworks would you have/do you have in your drawing room?

I have a work on paper by Amir Guberstein, and a Polish folk tapestry. 


What books would you read/are you reading in your drawing room?

I would like to read "See You Again in Pyongyang: A Journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea" by Travis Jeppesen.


What movies would you watch/are you watching in your drawing room?

The Devil Wears Prada because it is one of my feel good movies that helps me relax, or if I need to focus on work, it's great to play in the background.


What music would you listen to/are you listening to in your drawing room?

I just listened to the new Christina Aguilera album, Liberation. It's almost as good as Stripped. I also like listening to the "20 Year Influence of Brandy" megamix on Soundcloud.


Who would you/do you invite into your drawing room?

Anyone who would like to come visit me in the village I just moved to.