Mathew Cerletty

Paul Lee

Paul Lee is an artist based in New York.


What artworks would you have/do you have in your drawing room?

I would have a Malevich 'Red Square', Agnes Martin the sculpture ‘Burning Tree’ and a painting a Joseph Albers a Morandi a Forrest Bess, a Brancusi, too many to say really. 


What books would you read/are you reading in your drawing room?

Three of my favorite books are: 'In Youth is Pleasure’ by Denton Welch, 'In cold Blood’ by Truman Capote and 'American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis.


What movies would you watch/are you watching in your drawing room?

Horror movies are my favorite, but I don’t learn so much from them. I can’t pick there are so many beautiful movies.


What music would you listen to/are you listening to in your drawing room?

Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Brian Eno, Nina Simone. The album I fell in love with most recently is Gene Clark 'No Other’. I am currently listening to Kate Bush ‘Running Up That hill’. 


Who would you/do you invite into your drawing room?

All of the above people and many others. I like to think alone a lot though.